5 Simple Steps

STEP 1 – Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

We review your site parameters to determine whether a granny flat can be built on your property without Council approval.

STEP 2 – Site Evaluation (2 Days)

We will visit your property to evaluate the requirements and provide you with a preliminary quote for the Design, Approval and Construction of your Granny Flat.

STEP 3 – Quotation (1 Week)                                                                                       

We liaise with you to understand your design requirements and then we provide you with a fixed quote for your granny flat.

STEP 4 – Design & Approval (4-6 weeks)

We commence the design of your granny flat and submit all documentation required for the approval. During this stage, we invite you to our showroom and you are given the opportunity to select the colours and finishes of your choice.

STEP 5 – Construction (10 weeks)

  • Site Establishment (Week 1)
  • In-ground Services and Foundations (Week 2)
  • External Walls and Roof (Week 3-5)
  • Internal Finishes (Weeks 6-9)
  • Final touches & Handover (Week 10)